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How we got here

To my partner's, family and friends I appreciate all the support you have given me since June 2016 when I was shot 3 times while attempting to conduct a traffic stop. While working for the Largest Sheriff's department in the World, I still recognized that there are struggles "Injury Pay" will not cover. I was fortunate enough to have an extremely supportive unit and group of partner's I'm proud to call Family that helped my family and I though my recovery.

HOWEVER, not all First Responders have the privilege to work for large agencies that can help provide the financial support needed that comes so suddenly after an unexpected Injury (i.e. Gunshot wounds, Knife attacks, Hit by vehicles).  

Too often, we hear about our partner's who were involved in a traumatic incident where they were shot, stabbed or hit by vehicles at the hands of an assailant.  Often times it takes several months- years to recover from these injuries.

As a US Marine Corps (OIF) Veteran, Line of Duty Wounded Survivor, Full-time Sworn Deputy I'm taking the next step to help our Wounded through their recovery but I need your help. 

Our objective is to help our partner's recovery from these injures as a collective team. The more people we can make aware of the sacrifice's made by our Wounded First Responders, the more support we can provide them.

With your support, we will provide our Wounded Survivors and their families with Survivor Mentorship Programs, Family Counseling, Family Care Assistance, Family Reunification, Survivor & Family Retreats.


Chris Allende

Founder, Line of Duty Wounded